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Sarah Petherbridge

A smiling woman in a white shirt.

My name is Sarah Petherbridge. I am a disability awareness trainer helping businesses become more disability confident, blogger and public speaker on disability, inclusion and mental health. I draw on my lived experiences of working and living with my profound deafness. I previously worked for a large corporate where I set up a disability network for over 500 members working with disabilities in the UK and have won several awards for that work.

I am also a disability advocate and I am passionate about raising deaf awareness and challenging misperceptions about Deaf/deaf people. It’s part of my DNA to educate people on what it is like to work and live with deafness and therefore make positive changes in people’s attitudes towards the deaf community and create a more inclusive and accessible world.

As that advocate, I joined the advisory group to work with everyone to shape the campaign for addressing inequalities for Deaf/deaf people and make positive changes by sharing our lived experiences, thoughts and perspectives.

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