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Anthony Ackroyd

A man with a beard holding a toy land rover

Hello, my name is Anthony Ackroyd. This is my sign name. At the moment, I am not in employment as I was diagnosed with Usher’s which affects my ability to work. So now, I am a stay at home husband! I also do crafts and woodworking.

Why did I join the advisory group? I used to work for a residential care home supporting people with their mental health. I worked with people who were vulnerable and needed support. I’ve also faced barriers as a deaf person with Usher’s at the hospital, with the GP, with dentists, with social workers. This frustrates me, and affects my mental health. Looking back at my job in the residential care home, I completely empathise with the people I worked with, because I have that lived experience. Now, I’m pushing forward with spreading deaf awareness, explaining the barriers deaf people face, and my own lived experiences. Thank you for watching.